Yama Herbal Incense 3g


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Yama Herbal Incense 3g is a great product approved by many herbal incense clients across the world. The sweet aroma coming with this product is just what many people need to spice up their day. The pungent fragrance produced by this herbal incense leaves a wonderful aromatic experience for its users. The incense comes in a sturdy bag with very appealing images that will definitely attract your attention. When the incense is burned, a mixture of light green and beige like smoke comes out which is appealing to the eye and will definitely increase your desire for more of this product.

Buying this product will go a long way in giving you that aromatic mixture that you can easily use with other brands so as to brighten your day.
This product is very economical and affordable to many incense users. Its strong smell which lasts for long will increase your level of satisfaction. It is a combination of the finest herbal ingredients made from the finest herbs and the aromatic oils. This mixture will give you a pleasant aromatic fragrance be it at your home, in your car or at the office. When you begin burning this mixture, you are guaranteed to reach the highest levels of fragrance in less than 5 minutes.

New users should however take caution before using the product as the fragrance may be too strong for them. With proper usage however, this should not be much of a problem.
It has been purely designed for aromatic purposes and not for any form of human consumption. The correct usage for this product is recommended for your own safety as we won’t take responsibility for effects caused by its misuse.
With Yama Herbal Incense 3g, you are guaranteed a mind calming experience and a relaxation lasting several hours. The incense’s cool, powerful and strong aroma will definitely awaken your senses and leave you with a good feeling throughout the day. It is time to see the positive side of life with this great herbal incense. Remember also to keep the product out of children’s reach for their own safety. Our stores only gets it supplies from legitimate suppliers. We therefore assure you that whatever you are buying has passed the test of quality and originality.


Strength: 5/5


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