WTF Blueberry Herbal Incense 5g


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WTF Blueberry from Mr. Nice Guy is an extreme strength variety of herbal incense available at 5g. It’s part of our strongest selection of legal highs in our stores, which also happens to be a top pick among our loyal patrons and veteran incense collectors.

In our store, you’ll get only pure and potent WTF, along with other top sellers, such as Barely Legal and Zombie Mario. The reason is that our managers are quality sorting and checking incense blends before putting them up for sale to ensure your satisfaction.

The blueberry incense blend is chosen for its sweet and relaxing aroma, ideal to buyers who want to liven up their mood and have a fresher, new perspective to face every challenge a day has in store for them. The invigorating and fresh scent of WTF Blueberry turns any boring day into a fun-filled and exciting one. Its aroma provides total relaxation and calming effect to the brain and the body, making you ready to take on just about anything in your life..

WTF Blueberry 5g is extreme herbal incense.

Legal highs, like WTF Blueberry, are used for aromatherapy purposes only and not by any means for human consumption. Varieties like this product must also be used with EXTREME CAUTION. We highly suggest that you start low.

It must be kept out of children and pet’s reach and it must be stored in a cool, dry place.



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