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If you’re looking to up your entire herbal incense experience and improve the way you perceive it, you should try VIP PLATINUM legal high. Feel like a VIP with this mixture that is distinctive for its simplistic and minimal packaging design notable for its big star in the middle.

It is a potent blend of herbal incense ingredients meant for burning in the incense burner. Beginners are advised to put only a small amount of it to gauge their body’s reaction before eventually increasing the amount for that great vibe in the air.

Once this is burned in the incense burner, the air will be filled with an energetic vibe that will increase your desire to become productive and explore your inner self even more. The VIP Platinum has versatile and unique features to give that pleasant burning experience.

When you buy VIP Platinum from Express Highs, you can also be certain that you’re buying pure herbal incense. This product contains no fillers or extenders. It is sourced only from the makers themselves to ensure of top quality and value. We also offer competitive prices for this herbal incense, and that value we get is passed on to our customers.

VIP Platinum is perfect for improving the good vibe in the air and filling it with colorful energies! It will make you feel relaxed after a tiring day, relieving your daily stress and anxiety. So erase your worries and feel better about yourself. This product can be used alone or with some company. Make sure that there is enough ventilation where you’re burning it.

This product is NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. We shall not be held liable for any misuse of this incense. It is only for incense burner use, not for ingestion. Keep it out of pet and children’s reach. Reseal the pack and store the remaining portion in a cool and dry place.

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