Vip Gold Herbal Incense 4g


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The VIP Gold Herbal Incense 4g,  is an ideal choice for you. This is a unique type of incense that’s designed with perfection and sophistication to spark elegance in your space. The strong yet not overwhelming scent will linger for an extended period of time hence avoiding wastage. All you have to do is burn only the right amount of it to your liking. If you prefer strong scents, burn a generous amount of it for longer and the result will be just right for you. If you like it mild and soothing, burn a little bit of it for a short period of time and save the rest for next time.

The ingredients used to formulate the VIP Gold Herbal Incense 4g are of a high caliber. This means that you will not get any cheap feeling or smell around your space. The sweetly sophisticated aroma is solely designed to spark a little bit of luxury in your life.

The manufacturers of this blend is an honest company with good reputation throughout the years in the industry that packages its products generously. With us, you get real value for your money in terms of quantity and quality. Truth be told, this is what keep its users hooked and we are driven towards ensuring quality isn’t compromised.

The beauty of VIP Gold Herbal Incense is that it can be used right about anywhere and at any time. The unique scent will definitely trigger relaxation in your body that will have you and your guests relaxing and enjoying life. This particular incense seems to be just what’s needed to get people comfortable with each other hence igniting relationships.

This product is not for human consumption.


Strength: 4/5


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