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A small amount goes a long, long way—it’s how users from around the globe describe the new Sky Horse herbal incense! It is one of the latest in the new generation of herbal incenses that is flying fast off the shelves due to its potent properties; in fact, it is a very strong product that does not only saves you piles of cash, but it has a strong, calming effect that will relax and soothe your mind after a tiring day at work.

When you started burning the Sky Horse herbal incense in the burner, notice the change of aura in the atmosphere. See how it can make you feel like floating in the air, without inhibitions, without worries, but only with a calm state of mind you have never felt before. Whether you’re at home, alone or with friends, Sky Horse can bring fresh air in the surroundings with its tangy apple scent that surely refreshes you!

A tidbit about apple scent: Experts suggest that its scent is one of those to make you feel well. Well, herbal or not, apple scent can lessen migraine, control blood pressure and invigorate the senses. No wonder this herbal incense is flying fast off the shelves and from our online store. Due to popular public demand, our store has a huge stock of Sky Horse and this product is available.

Don’t wait! This product is a buzz in the herbal incense community, as most of them revealed how its rich aromatherapy is very effective on them. Fight the boredom and dullness and save your day using this well-recognized herbal blend that has its unique power, making it a standout. This product is for use in the incense burner only and is strictly not for human consumption.

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Strength: 4.5/5


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