Shark Vape C-Liquid 10ml


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Unleash Your Inner Unicorn!

“We know the struggle of finding legit legal highs, but worry no more. Shark Vape got you covered, no doubt. Tired of the same old buzz? This ain’t your basic stuff, it’s that Unicorn Shake flavor that’s gonna blow your mind! You gotta try this liquid herbal incense, it’s like ridin’ your own mythical beast. Buy legal highs like Shark Vape and elevate your vibe to a whole new realm. Don’t sleep on this, it’s pure magic!”

Here’s Why You’ll Love This:

✓ Unicorn Shake Bliss: Can you handle this next-level flavor? Shark Vape – Unicorn brings the mystical vibes, takin’ you on a wild ride you won’t forget.

✓ Legal High, No Worries: Keep it 100, Shark Vape is all legit, no messin’ with the law. Blaze it up with peace of mind.

✓ Liquid Goodness: This herbal incense comes in liquid form, making it smooth and easy to enjoy.

✓ Unlock Your Inner Unicorn: Embrace the mythical vibes and let Shark Vape transport you to a realm of pure magic.


Disclaimer: This product is not for human consumption. Shark Vape is a legal high, a herbal incense, and not intended for direct consumption. So, play it safe, and keep it magical! And remember, buy legal highs responsibly. Always check your local laws before purchasing. Keep it away from pets and children!


Give Me Chicken – Pomegranate, Crazy Cat Lady – Blue Razz Lemonade, Chill Bill – Blood Orange Passion, Skywalker – Blackcurrant Mojito, Unicorn – Unicorn Shake, The O.B – Cherry Cola


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