Sexy Monkey Herbal Incense 6g


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Sexy Monkey Herbal Incense is the hottest item on the market with its sweet, sexy strawberry scent and strong effects, getting rid of your tension and boosting your confidence. This is one of the new generation herbal incenses that will give you better self-confidence to take on just about anything in your life!

Sexy Monkey Herbal Incense is a complex mix of herbs and sweet fruity scent that will get yourself with oozing confidence and your tension melting away. If you need a a fully alert mind or a very confident aura, Sexy Monkey is the herbal potpourri to select, especially if you love to relax with sweet fragrances and strong scents to pump up a boring evening or party.

Surround yourself and your friends with this strong aromatic herbal potpourri and feel its strong scent in the air. It will make you feel happy and get into a perfect mood. Nothing is impossible if you have the air surrounded with this mind-blowing, mood-invigorating new scent you can try. Herbal incense like the Sexy monkey will give you more time of playing instead of feeling bored in an ordinary day or evening.

Great for both experienced and beginners incense users; the Sexy Monkey is an aromatherapy that can make everyone happy with its sweet strawberry scent. However new incense users are advised to start low with it because it has a strong effect that kicks in a matter of minutes. Begin with a small amount and use only in an incense burner.

Remember it is not for human consumption and should not be misused in any way. Before ordering the Sexy Monkey, check out existing laws in your country to avoid violating any laws. This product is tested and contains only legal ingredients and is available in packets and wholesale.

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Strength: 4.5/5


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