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Sextacy ULTIMATE is the upped version of the trendy Sextacy bath salts, one of the most popular bath salts in our store. If the latter can give you the ultimate bathing satisfaction, you should not wait but try Sextacy ULTIMATE. It is an in-demand product that flies fast off the shelves for its reliability and performance.

Bathers around the globe have already reviewed and noted of the benefits they could get from using it. They revealed that adding only a small amount of Sextacy ULTIMATE on their bath water allowed the explosion of relaxing and soothing body benefits.

They’re saying that Sextacy ULTIMATE can leave them feeling so refreshed and relieved from stress. Some of them have noted of the spa-like feeling they have after bathing in water infused with bath salts.

Sextacy ULTIMATE is a highly concentrated bath salts that are powerful and money saving because you don’t have to use a lot to achieve the desired results. It is one of the reasons they people choose this variety over others on the market.

And when you buy from Express Highs, you will save more because we offer some of the most affordable prices in this space. That said though, we don’t compromise with the quality of the legal highs that we’re putting up for sale in our online store.

Just like Sextacy Ultimate, all other products at Express Highs are at competitive prices and topnotch quality to ensure you will find satisfaction in the products you’re buying from us.

Our quality assurance team tries and tests each herbal high like CBD, herbal incense, liquid herbal incense and party pills. Before putting them up and displaying them in our store, we ensure that they pass the quality standards and can satisfy our customers.

This product is not for sale in countries where legal highs are prohibited or illegal. It is for the same exact reason that we’re recommending you to check your custom laws before ordering bath salts and other herbal highs. It is your sole responsibility to check its legal status to keep yourself out of trouble.

Read and follow the instructions on the label to prevent misuse. Our team shall not be held liable for any accidents or injuries arising following the misuse or mishandling of this product

Store this product in a cool and dry place. Don’t place it where there is excessive humidity, or it might affect the quality.

NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION: Product not meant for swallowing or ingestion.


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