Scooby Snax Herbal Incense 10g


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Scooby Snax is one of the most favorite potpourri blends for its consistent and potent aroma and strength that makes incense lovers around the world go crazy! This is the original variant which brings excitement and joy to users, mainly due to its pure aroma and outstandingly perfect blend that gives them enjoyment and pleasure. With its strong calming effect, you will instantly feel how amazing it is to be alive and to be with your loved ones.

If you were feeling a bit depressed and anxious with so many pressures and stresses you have been encountering in your life—business and/or personal, this product will give you a fresh, relaxing mind to forget all worries, lasting from 30 minutes up to an hour. You will be surprised how much enjoyment and pleasure you will get with the high quality and super potent aroma of this product. In short, your satisfaction will be guaranteed each time. Experience herbal blends like never before. Try the new Scooby Snax with natural scent, strong blend for your ultimate satisfaction, whether alone or with some company.

It comes with a natural scent, like the real cannabis stuff. But know it does not contain any illegal components but only ingredients legal in most states and countries. We do not condone or promote any misuse of this product. This is absolutely for potpourri or aromatherapy purposes only, and not for human consumption. It is strictly for sale for people 18 and above only. Keep it out of pets and children’s reach.

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Strength: 5/5


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