Salvia Extract 20X 1g


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Enter a deep level of trance, explore another side and be in a different world where only great things exist! Choose one of the latest legal highs in our store, the Salvia Extract 20X.

This product contains potent and pure Salvia extract. It has 72mg of the main compound for every gram. The chemists of this product used a non-conventional and more sophisticated method of extracting the main active compound. While this method is pricier than conventional methods, it is done to ensure that users won’t use any unnecessary plant materials. This product isn’t liquid.

Extracts are deemed to be better than the plain, dried leaves because it lets users explore a deeper level of the effects. There is no wonder, the 20X Salvia Extract is more potent.

The 20X Salvia Extract is a potent and pure product, containing no fillers. Use it with caution and care. It is also only intended for advanced users of the herb.


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