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Buy c liquid! The Rock Star Vape Ice Blast is a part of a Gold Edition vape juice from a reputable brand that is trusted by many incense enthusiasts and aficionados around the world.

The Ice Blast variety is a mind-blowing c liquid for its refreshing scent and flavor. Nothing compares to it!

The legal high, just like the other Rockstar varieties, has a simple packaging design. You can easily recognize it among the other c liquids on display because of its straightforward and elegant illustration.

Inside is a 7ml vape juice.

Warning: The Rockstar c liquid isn’t for beginners. It must be used with extreme caution because it is the STRONGEST blend on the market so far.

The c liquid is made of only natural ingredients. It contains no synthetics or chemicals. It is designed and manufactured in a licensed facility and passes quality standards.

The product contains no fillers, artificial coloring or flavoring, GMOs and banned materials.

Why We’re Better than Competitors

Buy c liquid at Express Highs and get all the following benefits and more.

Anonymity: Choosing herbal highs and research chemicals, to name some, from us, and buying from our store, you can have peace of mind of anonymity and privacy.

Buying legal highs from us, you can be sure that your information is kept private and safe.

We do not share, trade or sell your information to third parties. Express Highs value your trust. All information entered on this site is confidential. It will not be disclosed to anyone.

Most affordable pricesBuy Rockstar Ice Blast Gold Edition 7ml at Express Highs and get your items at the cheapest prices, which are unbeatable by our competitors.

This is made possible because we only get our supplies from the manufacturers of the legal highs.

As we buy from them directly and get the supplies in bulk, we can pass the great value we’re getting to our customers.

Discreet packaging: Buying from an online legal highs shop, you should be able to keep your identity confidential and private. That’s one of the things that our team can guarantee.

When you buy Rockstar Ice Blast Gold Edition 7ml from us, we’ll ship your order in a discreet packaging to protect your privacy. The packaging will have no indication as to what the content inside is.

Worldwide delivery: Express Highs is your reliable online incense shop. We do not just process your order fast but also ship to different countries.

Take note that we do not ship to the United States and other countries where legal highs are not allowed. Please check your local laws and customs regulation to keep out of trouble.

Always updated, always affordable

Buy liquid herbal incense at Express Highs! We sell the most updated and trendiest incense on the market. The Rockstar Ice Blast Gold Edition 7ml is the strongest c liquid blend now. Do not miss the chance to try the latest c liquid, which is set to become the next big thing online.




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