Rockstar Bubblegum Gold Edition 7ml


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Buy liquid herbal incense! The RockStar Gold Edition is a premium vape juice, which is the STRONGEST BLEND ever launched on the market. It has a distinct packaging notable for its black and red shades.

Inside is 7 ml vape juice. The c liquid has a bubblegum flavor that is a sweet and energizing scent to fill the air with nothing but a blissful vibe.

The RockStar Gold Edition is made of pure and organic ingredients. It does not have synthetic and banned components. This product is made of only natural components, no GMO, no fillers and no extenders.

The vape juice variety is manufactured in a licensed facility. It passes quality standards and is legal in many countries. However, we recommend that you check your local laws before adding this product to cart. We assume no responsibility for any trouble following your action.

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The reason is that we have a large network of the finest makers of bath salts, incense, resin incense and CBD products, to name some.

Genuine c liquids: Just a little of c liquids go a long way because our store only sells genuine and no filler varieties. We can do it because our team only gets our supplies from the real makers of branded incense and other legal highs.

These manufacturers are topnotch and reliable, and they won’t taint their good reputation with low standard products.

If you’re looking only for the finest legal highs to save you money for their purity, you should not look any further but buy c liquid only from us.

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