Rockstar Blueberry Gold Edition 7ml


  • Brand: Incense
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If you want to buy c liquid, do not miss the Rockstar variety! Express Highs is proud to add the Rockstar Blueberry Gold Edition into our fast growing liquid herbal incense collection.

This product is notable for its mind calming and mood boosting effects. It can release fresh aroma into the air, making it more pleasant and one’s day more exciting.

The vaping liquid is a Gold Edition, never before blended kind of C liquid. It is remarkable for its minimalistic packaging design – a star with the letter R in the middle.

The vape juice has a blueberry flavor and a sweet and invigorating aroma. Every pack has 7ml of the Rockstar Blueberry C liquid.

Before you buy c liquid, we suggest checking your country laws and customs regulations. Our team does not assume any responsibility for any trouble you might encounter for not abiding by those laws and regulations.

How to Order Rockstar Blueberry Gold Edition

To buy liquid herbal incense in our store is so easy! Check out the following steps for the sweat-free ordering process when you choose us for your legal high.

  1. Proceed to the product page.

  2. On the right side of the screen, input the number of items you intend to order.

  3. Click the “add to cart.”

  4. If you wish to continue shopping for other products, you can do that. The item/s you have added to cart are ready for checking out later.

  5. If you want to proceed with the checkout, you can do so. On the other hand, you can also apply any gift voucher or coupon code if you have any to get a discount on your order.

  6. Proceed with the checkout and pay for your order using credit/debit card or Bitcoin.

  7. If you qualify for the FREE Shipping, it will automatically be applied on your order upon checkout.

  8. Once completed, you will receive an email confirmation that has the tracking number along with other order details useful for reference.

Exciting Offer: Here’s Why Choose Express Highs

When you buy legal high from us, you might be able to qualify for the free shipping.

Ordering worth of at least €60.00 will make you automatically eligible for the free shipping.

For example, if you buy Rockstar Blueberry Gold Edition and other items worth at least this amount, you will see this free shipping option at the checkout.

Don’t worry if your currency is not EURO because there will be an automatic currency conversion to apply.

When will you ship my Rockstar Blueberry Gold Edition?

All orders are sent from the EU. They will be shipped within two business days. Express Highs ships from Mondays thru Fridays.

NOTE: Know your local laws and customs regulations prior to placing an order. We do ship to the United States of America and other countries or territories where herbal highs, vape liquids and party pills, among others are not allowed.

WARNING: Do not buy Rockstar Blueberry Gold Edition if you’re a beginner. This product is the STRONGEST on the market. It cannot be compared to any other c liquid blends out there.

This product is not for human consumption by any means. Any misuse is your sole responsibility.



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