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ReCharge Extra is an extra special product in the bath salts category. Thousands of users around the world have spoken about the relaxing and rejuvenating benefits that it can offer them after a tiring day at work.

They’re saying that the bath salts have helped them relieve their worries and see the world in a better new light. If you’re thinking about experiencing the same, just soak away in a bath with a tiny bit of amount of Recharge Ultra. This product can help you escape from your daily worries and make you feel more alive despite all the things you have been going through in your life.

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What we do to ensure we’re getting original and genuine ReCharge EXTRA is buying only from the manufacturers themselves. With us, you can have peace of mind you’re buying real bath salts – no fillers and no extenders.


ReCharge Extra should be used with care and caution. You should not misuse this product but as directed by the manufacturer.


Check your customs and local laws prior to placing this product to cart. We shall not beheld liable for any accident, injury or untoward incident arising following its misuse.

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