Quick Silver 0.5g


  • Brand: Bath Salt
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Hey, speedster! Are you looking for superhuman speeds?

Quick Silver is your best bet. It will jet you off to a distant planet in a spacecraft that defies gravity and operates at supersonic speeds. Off to a new world where every day is a good day. Expect the arrival to be hasty – so fast so you wouldn’t know what hit you. Ideal for any hardcore social activity, or a night spent dancing until your feet go sore. Even though it’s pretty strong, your body will be able to handle it quite well, thanks to the balanced blend of ingredients in fixed quantities. With every passing second, you will experience a fresh burst of explosive energy that awakens every muscle in the body, so all those moves pouring out are in nice sync.
Plus, just because it’s a hasty arrival doesn’t mean the ‘effect’ will fizzle out hastily as well, there’s a full blown, 4-5 hours of unstoppable fun waiting on the other side of the door. Also, because we said EVERY muscle, don’t be surprised if there’s arousal down there too 😉 after all, a night full of intense fun deserves a happy ending.
Jam-packed with a powerful combination of ingredients
Made without fillers
Fresh, high quality, and potent


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