Ocean Burst Extreme 1g

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Ocean Burst Extreme is an extremely strong bath salts blend. It is one of the latest offeringsin our ever-growing collection. Express Highs continues to find the finest blends of legal highs, such as bath salts, herbal incense, Kratom and bulk herbal incense. One of the latest we found is the top-selling Ocean Burst EXTREME.

Fans from around the world have been raving about this product, saying nothing but great things about it. The majority of them were saying it’s one of the best in terms of offering them rejuvenating benefits.

This product is known for its amazing results when it comes to softening water. It is like conditioning the water used for bathing in order to make the experience more relaxing and body pampering.

Ocean Burst EXTREME legal highs are fast selling because many customers stock on it. They’re afraid they’d run out of this wonderful product. There isno wonder why. Every pack of the bath salt is nothing but only pure bath salts. It contains no extenders and fillers. It is to make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for, so don’t think twice but order more of this product.

Selecting Express Highs for Ocean Burst EXTREME is a wise move. We only sell the finest herbal highs on the market, and that is thanks to our quality assurance team that carefully tries and tests each product to ensure its quality and satisfying results.

Buying bath salts from us also ensures you’re getting the best deals online. In fact, we also offer wholesale incense, which can save you money while also getting the real deal on incense.

Plus, if you order at least 6o EURO worth of EXTREME or other product combinations, you will get your order at absolutely no shipping fee. Yes, we offer FREE SHIPPING for products reaching a total of at least this amount. You will also receive this free shipping option if you have another currency, which will automatically be converted upon checking out.

Notes: This product should not be stored in a humid place where its freshness and quality might be affected. Any remaining content should be in the original packaging, too. You must also keep the bath salt out and away of children and pets’ sight.

Express Highs shall not be held liable for any injury, accident or any harm to health due to the mishandling and misuse of this product. Remember, IT IS NOT FORHUMAN CONSUMPTION.


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