Mind Charge 1g


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The intergalactic trip you wouldn’t want to come back home from!

Mind Charge truly charges up your mind. It’s marked by a very well balanced mix of ingredients, offering up a decent uplifting rapture, but also keeping you in charge the whole time. That’s what makes it stand apart from the other novelty collector items out there. The effect will kick in within minutes, and once it happens, it will only be an uphill joyride from there on.
Feel your energy centers jacked up, with elation pouring in from all directions, so much so, you’ll forget everything that keeps pulling you back, and fully immerse yourself into this newly found wonderland. This delightful episode or should we call it a ‘detour’ from crazy reality will last for around 5 hours, during which time you’ll feel the best you’ve ever felt in your lifetime.
So, hop on, this spaceship leaves soon!
Jam-packed with a powerful combination of ingredients
Made without fillers
Fresh, high quality, and potent


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