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Feeling down or frustrated? Your mind and body already got the code to make you happy – they just need a little extra support to get all the excitement and euphoria flowing. That’s exactly where Mind Bliss comes into the picture!

Mind Bliss is a stimulating blend of euphoria-inducing ingredients that pack intense happiness no matter your mood. It will send you off on a trip to the fun parts of your brain, on the same ticket as Mellow Madness– except this trip lasts a bit longer and you get to experience more fluid visuals. Within twenty minutes, your mood will lift and you’ll experience a pleasant swell of chatty, positive energy that will get you up on your feet.
Perfect for impromptu rave parties, enhancing fun activities, de-stressing, or whenever you feel like turning a bad day/night into an amazing one. The trance lasts for around 5-6 hours and then there’s the afterglow; so you’re in for some real fun!
Jam-packed with a powerful combination of ingredients
Made without fillers
Fresh, high quality, and potent


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