Mellow Madness


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Dive deep into the world of happiness!
Ready to groove to the beat of your inner music? Mellow Madness has got you covered. It’s a novelty collector’s item with a tryptamine class formula, sporting a strength index score of 8/10. What does it mean? Incredible visuals that’ll send you on a joyride. It’s a balanced mixture of Dicalcium Phosphate, Fatty Acid Derivate, Magnesium Stearate, and natural herbs that unleash their true strength within minutes. Once it kicks in, the next 4-5 hours will be spent breaking a leg in the company of bright dancing colors, in a whole different world. This world is light years apart from the world you live in, and of course free of all the daily grind and woes. Mellow Madness has the power to make your heart pump, get you in a trance, and make you go stress-free in a beat. Start feeling happy and mellow again!
Ready to go bananas? 😉
Jam-packed with a powerful combination of ingredients
Made without fillers
Fresh, high quality, and potent


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