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Please note that this is an “all natural” product.

MDNX is one of the most common and widely used natural party formulae that provides a sensational surge of energy with an unstoppable lust for all day & night dance. MDNX boosts the adrenaline levels in the body and this increases the blood circulation. The tablets can be effectively combined with alcohol.

Being an all-natural pill, MDNX is way better than the energizing pills on the market. One tablet is enough for that long-term adrenaline rush. With its lime flavor, you can comfortably enjoy the MDNX tablet before getting the party started.For effective results, MDNX tablet should be taken with a fruit juice or water; half an hour or 45 minutes before the partying event. One capsule is the daily portion recommended for the safe and effective functioning of the body. Some of the ingredients in a single capsule are Geranium extract, Guarana extract and vitamin compositions. Niacin Methylcobalamin and Ascorbic acid are the primary vitamins besides ginger powder and the lemon flavoring.

With a positive reputation in the market, MDNX is one of the trusted products that have no adverse or negative side effects. To avoid any physical discomfort while using the party tablets; it’s better to avoid excessive amounts of alcohol. If you have predefined health conditions such high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease or you are currently under MAO-inhibitor drugs, do not use the MDNX tablets. The tablets are also not recommended for pregnant women or the minors. That said, MDNX guarantees the best of results and it’s all you need for that glamorous and edgy event.

MDNX ingredients have been accurately combined to ensure an allergy-free atmosphere for all users. Being a legal and certified natural party formula, MDNX is available for use without any medical prescriptions. MDNX tablets are easily available in their best competitive prices. Get one today for a fully euphoric and ecstasy-like buzz enough to get you ready for that partying mood. As far as entertainment and partying is concern, drink responsibly as you enjoy the energy- boosting effects of our all-natural MDNX tablet.

Ingredients: Guarana extract, vitamins (Ascorbic acid, Niacin, methylcobalamin), Chromium III Chloride, ginger, aroma (lime), colourant (E 102, E131).


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