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Lunar Wave is a new bath salt that is a part of a novelty collection. It is a great addition to our store because it is efficient, according to bathers who have already used it in their bath. Using this variety, people have noted of body pampering effects like no other. It’s also a good water-softening agent that enhances its cell renewal benefits. It can remove dead skin cells and lead to the re-growth of new cells.

Lunar Wave is one of the newest bath salts in our collection, and it is flying fast off the shelves! Selecting this legal high, you’ll get the more of your spending because it can go a long way, giving you more savings.

Speaking of money saving, you will pay it at affordable prices incomparable to our competitors.   You can check the price form our site and compare. That is not all because Express Highs also offers you great prices in bulk and wholesale.

If you want to stock up on the bath salt, you can order more and save more!  With us, you will get them at lower prices. And for orders beyond €60.00are covered by our FREE DELIVERY.  Yes, you got that right!

Choosing our store, you can get not only affordable legal highs but also free shipping. If your currency is not EURO, you can still qualify for the free shipping option.  An automatic currency conversion will be applied.

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Express Highs sells only genuine and pure Lunar Wave! Beware of imitations.   The high demand for its leads to the surfacing of imitation products, and we’re sad about that.  But don’t worry~ our store only displays pure and original Lunar Wave.  It’s possible because we only source our supply from the manufacturers themselves.

Do not misuse this product.  This bath salt is not intended for HUMANCONSUMPTION. Do not ingest or swallow it. Read, understand, and follow what’s on the label.

Do not store in a hot or wet place. Its quality might suffer and degrade. Keep its remaining content in the same packaging.   Do not keep within pets and children’s reach.

Disclaimer: Our store is not l


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