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Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) which is a native of Southeast Asia is a very effective medicinal plant which is used for various therapeutic purposes all over the world.

The contents of the Kratom sample pack and their uses are discussed below:

Thai Kratom 50g – This is more popularly known as Red Thai and is proved to be very effective in causing positive and relaxing effects on emotional and mood wellness. This product has a lot of pain relieving effect and last longer than any other product. The Thai Kratom of red strain origin are the most effective and high in demand. The recommended dose of Thai Kratom is something in between 2 and 8 grams per day. Thai Kratom is sometimes compared to coffee which contains caffeine. However, the stimulation obtained from Thai Kratom is much more and long lasting.

Malay Kratom 50g – This is popularly known as Green Malay. This has proved to be mild enough and is believed to have no side effects when it is used for treatments. This strain of Kratom has proved to have great energy boosting and analgesic benefits on the users.

Sumatra Kratom 50g – This is a unique strain of Kratom and has very beneficial medicinal and enjoyable effects. It is used popularly for pain relief.

Maeng Da Kratom 50g – This is the strongest variety of Kratom which is highly potent in having energy enhancing and mood enhancing effects. This when consumed in the morning acts as an excellent energy booster and keeps the user feel energized throughout the day. This is a word of caution that several new users find this strain of Kratom very stimulating. Thus, they sometimes prefer to mix this with other strains in order to neutralize the effect and make it optimum.


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