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The Kratom Bali Extract 15x 3G is one of the fastest selling legal highs at Express Highs. If you’re looking for a satisfying Kratom extract experience, you need not look any further.

We’re here to supply and deliver you this potent blend of Kratom extract from the Kratom tree, which grows abundantly in Bali and other rain forests regions of Southeast Asia.

Most of these plants grow and thrive in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. This tree can reach up to 15 meters high and has over 25 alkaloids. The most known of them is mitragynine.

Today, the herb is growing in popularity and its demand is increasing all over the world. The Kratom Bali Extract 15x is a standout among the selection because of its high quality that you cannot find in other products. This extract is standardized, so its quality is guaranteed.

What are the effects?

The effects are to kick in within 10 minutes, lingering for up to six hours. A few of its notable effects include soothing and stimulating ones, or they can send one into a dreamy state, while keeping their senses alive in much like a different world. In larger amounts, Kratom can be relaxing, but stimulating in small amounts. The effects vary from one person to another.


  • It is not for persons under 18 years old.

  • Kratom should not be used if working on activities requiring full concentration.

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