Klimax Strawberry Herbal Incense 10g


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Made in the United States, the Klimax Strawberry Herbal Incense 10g blend is made to be strong. It has a very potent scent that sticks around and takes over everything where you are. It is truly a scent that demands your attention and gives you a nice feeling.

The strong scent that comes with this incense is made with a sweet strawberry tone. It creates a relaxed and sweet tone that is beautiful and not too intense to where you might be overwhelmed. It simply uses a sweet tone that gets you intrigued.

The sweet design of the Klimax Strawberry incense is made to stand out in any room you light it up in. This works better in a traditional smoking lamp or incense burner. While it can burn easily and let off its great aroma in little time, it is best to savor what it has to offer. Let the scent come out naturally and give it a comfortable feel.

Try this great herbal incense out the next time you’re aiming to get a powerful experience unlike anything else.

Strength 3.5/5


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