Klimax Bubblegum Herbal Incense 10g


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It is manufactured in the United States by Kush incense which is also the country of origin. This herbal incense is famous due to its one common and unique characteristic of natural relaxation. It is sold in 10 grams quantity. It has the most noticeable and highly effective fragrance, floral notes and the tasty scent. It has a combination of a wide range of fragrances and comes in different flavors. It is blended using a combination of a very unique mixture of botanical herbs. It is an energy gaining product that gives you the good feeling.

It has a highly potent effect and accompanied with a beautiful aroma. It is suitable for both the ladies and the men. The package comes in different bags which are of good storage quality and for room temperature so that you can use it while still maintaining its level of quality. The effect also doesn’t wear out with time like other types of herbs.

It recharges the body thus creating a feeling of wholeness and your mind feels recharged. You forget all your problems; they just evaporate into the thin air. The herbs are carefully handpicked and blended together to produce a bubble gum mixture that helps in meditation. It reduces the level of anxiety since the smell only is medicinal. It’s about improvement of your senses. For instance when you have a very busy day full of deadlines to meet, demands and maybe encountering angry customers then KLIMAX bubble gum incense is right for you.

Keep the product out of reach for children and your pet. Not for human consumption.

Strength: 3.5/5


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