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Our store offers Kanna Extract 10X, a potent and pure extract derived from Sceletium Tortuosum. This is an extract product, which effects are increased 10 times than the traditional herb. With an extract, you will use fewer of the materials than using dried leaves. Using it, you can also achieve desired effects only with a small amount.

Why do customers love Kanna? This herb, which has originated from South Africa, has potent mood-enhancing properties. It has been used by the locals for more than one century. Traditionally, it was used by chewing the leaves and then swallowing the saliva. In addition, some users also inhale Kanna as a snuff; some of them also smoke it along with other traditional herbs. The recommended dosage is a teacup at 1/10 of the dosage for the dried herb containing 20 mg.


Do not combine the extract with Seroxat or Prozac and other SSRIs or with Mono Oxidase Inhibitors, including Banisteriopsis Caapi or Syrian Rue and other antidepressant drugs.


Keep this product out of children’s reach to avoid any accidents or injuries. Do not misuse it.  Start low before increasing your use to avoid any unwanted effects. Consult your country laws before ordering this product.

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