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This product is from the Sceletium Tortuosum herb. It is called the Kanna ET2 extract – 1g. It is one of the latest additions in our growing collection of quality and potent legal highs.

We guarantee that this extract comes with a higher concentration of the herb, which is why it is very potent. It is the reason you should not use much of it if you’re using it for the first time. In addition, it is why we recommend it only for advanced Kanna users.

A brief background about Kanna history: It is a traditional herb that originated from South Africa. It is consumed for its euphoric effects. Again, it has been smoked or used as a sniff according to user preference. This herb also is also a relaxant, a discovered by the Hottentots way back more than 300 years ago. And for pleasure, the natives also used to sniff or chew the leaves.

Why Express Highs

Express Highs keeps striving to offer potent and pure herbal incense blends, party pills, research chemicals and bath salts, to name a few. We are your reliable source of products without banned substances, harmful chemicals and additives. Reason is that we get our supplies from the manufacturers themselves. We do it to ensure the potency and ultimate satisfaction of our customers.

Through the years, Express Highs is one of the leading and most trusted online shops for quality herbal extracts and herbal highs. Choose us because we’re concerned about quality, testing each product before putting it up before selling in our store.

Are you ready for the Kanna ET2 extract – 1g? If you are, choose no other than Express Highs for quality and affordable Kanna extracts. Note: We advise that you check your country laws before ordering Kanna extract.

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