Joker Herbal Incense 4g


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Finally, the best herbal incense you have been waiting for is here—Joker! This is one of the finest products for sale in our store that will make you come back for more once you started harvesting its benefits, including mood-enhancing, mind-calming and energy-inducing effects, like you never did before. It is an extreme scent respected by thousands of users from around the globe for its consistent and pure approach to modern incense used in aromatherapy.

You will never regret getting Joker , either for personal or reselling purposes because satisfaction is all but waiting for those who are brave to try this no-joke extreme incense. While it is very potent and strong, you can rest assured it is made of only well-sourced ingredients, including relaxing herbs used in traditional cultures and traditions. Nevertheless, you will get nothing but super value for your money, especially for buying it only in our store that sells only the real deal incense blends.

This new product comes with a sensational mix of high quality botanical herbs to knock you off your feet, saying, “Man, this is great!” Remember, it comes with an immense, almost not fading aroma to linger in the air and to stay in your brain.

This product is not intended to be consumed by people. Use only on real incense burners and smoking lamps. Do not misuse nor experiment with it on animals, yourself or friends. Clean fun everyone!

If you have a question about this incense, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Strength: 5/5


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