Hipster Liquid Herbal Incense 7ml


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Hipster Liquid Herbal Incense 7ml

Extremely strong aroma, caution necessary.

Herbal c-liquids smell nice and offer a pleasant environment. These liquid herbal incense can set your mood with different flavors. If you are looking to buy the best c-liquids, you can consider buying hipster c-liquid.This product is super strong and comes in multiple flavors. It has come from a reliable and reputed brand. Therefore, you can trust the credibility and expect a better result. In fact, it is fifty percent stronger than the similar products.
If you are interested in buying the hipster c-liquid, you can go through the followings to know more about the product description, packaging, usages, and flavors.

This c-liquid comes in a plain and simple bottle. It comes in a plastic bottle for the convenient use and transportation. Moreover, each bottle is childproof and comes with an effective labeling. It will be delivered at your doorstep safely. Even if you drop it for a few times, there will not be any fear of the breakage.

Hipster c-liquid is available in six different flavors. All the flavors will have a unique profile and a specific feel and touch. You can distinguish the flavors easily. The best thing about these flavors is that all of them are appreciated by the users. Besides, each of these flavors will come with a different color. Even if you do not see the label, you can easily distinguish the flavor for the specific colors.

In addition, you can consider Rock Star c-liquid. These are very popular and available in different flavors including Blueberry, banana, fruit punch, lemon, cherry, skittles, tobacco, strawberry, icy menthol, sweet candy, creamy caramel, OG kush, blue mist, and bubblegum. You can choose any of them depending on your preference. 

What about the price? 

It is fairly priced due to the fact that a little goes a long way with these products so this is affordable and competitive.This product is not for human consumption.


Blueberry, Melon, Blue Mist, Icy Menthol, Tobacco, Heisenberg, Strawberry, Bubblegum, Skittles, Creamy Caramel, Mixed Fruit


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