Herbal Incense Variety Pack №1


Buy Herbal Incense Variety Pack №1 online | Herbal Incense Variety Pack №1 for sale 


This herbal incense variety pack includes:

1 x Scooby Snax Green Apple Herbal Incense 4g

1 x Scooby Snax Strawberry Herbal Incense 4g

1 x Scooby Snax Herbal Incense 4g

Due to insistent public demand, we bring you the Scooby Snax combo and we’re very excited to announce that they are all in this one great pack.

We’re proud to introduce and offer this herbal incense variety pack of popular Green Apple (4 g), Strawberry(4 g) and Original (4 g)—that you can now get in one value pack. For only £60.00, you will get thrice the flavor and fun of Scooby Snax, how does that sound? Your favorite aromatherapy incense blend is now on sale with a great discount of £7/variety pack.

One of the most known potpourri blends on the market, Scooby Snax proves once again to be the reliable choice in terms of ultimate satisfaction with this herbal incense variety pack that gives you not only full potent aroma but also big savings.

You’re sure going to love this variety pack with your favorite Scooby Snax, but it’s three times the excitement of what you used to get! We’re offering you three (3) x 4-gram packets all at a very low price of £60.00.

And when you buy Scooby Snax incense variety pack from Express Highs, you’re guaranteed of superior product freshness and quality that you won’t find in any other supplier on the face of the web.

Herbal incense variety packs you buy from us also give you peace of mind through deliveries processed and shipped fast to your location, all at discreet packaging for your guaranteed privacy and safety.

But as we always say, all products we feature and sell are definitely not for human consumption but for aromatherapy purposes only. Keep this herbal incense blend out of children and pets’ reach. Use Scooby Snax with caution; all consequential results are your sole responsibility.



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