Ghost Menthol Ultra Strong Liquid Herbal Incense 7ml


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Ghost Blackcurrant Ultra Strong Liquid Herbal Incense 7ml for sale 


The Ghost Blackcurrant Ultra Strong 7ml is liquid herbal incense known for alleviating any negative thoughts – anxiety and stress, to name two. This blend can rejuvenate your senses and improve your mood. What it does is creating a positive moment to cherish, either alone or with some friends who love herbal incense.

However, this liquid incense is not for the faint-hearted – as it is ultra strong! You should not take it lightly. If you’re a newbie, we advise that you put just use a little of it in the beginning.

While it is known to turn a boring afternoon into a lively one for its smooth and pleasant effects, it might go against you if you won’t use it with caution. It is one of our store’s most potent blends.

Where should you buy Ghost Blackcurrant liquid herbal incense? There is no other name to trust but Express Highs! Our online legal highs shop has been around for years, specializing in selling only the most genuine and trusted herbal incense blends, not limited to c-liquids but also herbal incense, resins, bath salts and research chemicals.

Newbie and advance incense fans will find an entirely new way of using herbal incense. With c-liquids, you can have another exciting way of enjoying an incense session.

And when you buy from Express Highs, you can be sure of fast shipping, affordable prices and original blends from the makers themselves, ensuring your peace of mind of getting only the finest and purest incense blends at guaranteed competitive prices.

This product is NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Keep it out of children’s reach for safety. Finally, check your state and country laws before adding it to cart.

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