G-20 Herbal Incense 2g


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G – 20 herbal incense 2g is one of the strongest and most potent aromas we have ever offered! This incense is named after mythological plant, supposedly covered – up by the U.S Government, and that smell that encompasses your home will speak to you of unveiled cosmic conspiracies. The elaborate and complex olfactory stimulators of this incense will let you slip into deep philosophical thought and conversation for hours on end.

This is the perfect license for infusing your space with positive, thought provoking, peaceful, vibes, and illuminating your life with a deep, bright, intoxicating scent. Don’t let them lie to you anymore! G – 20 exists! And now you can smell like the government’s best smelling secret all day long.

This amazing new age incense will fill your home with an incredible aura of calm, collective, stillness. This deep, heavy scent provides an amazingly stimulating environment and pervades the atmosphere for several days after burning. There is a reason G – 20 is one of the best-selling incenses of all time.

Whether you are using it to relax, to stimulate, or just to get your home and living spaces smelling great, G – 20 will completely change the way you buy incense from here on out. The deep, green, natural aroma of G – 20 can mask the most prevailing odors, relax you on the most stressful days, and lull you into a soft, calm, thoughtful state. G – 20 herbal incense 2g is here to maximize your relaxation and thinking.

Its powerful aroma will make you rethink less potent incenses. This incense will step your smell game up to a whole new level. Never again will unwanted odors invade your relaxation as G – 20’s powerful smell can mask anything that comes up against it. G – 20 has been released from the Top secret government vaults, and now your whole home can smell of higher truths, metaphysical discoveries, and new ideas.


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