El Lobo Herbal Incense 1.5g


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Are you looking for an incense blend to brighten your day with a notch higher level of well-being and happiness? Well, you just found the right place for that, bro! Loyal consumers of El Lobo have spoken and have attested to how this product has helped them turn into a better alternative in terms of herbal incense burning. This is the perfect spice pack you will never regret of buying for its soulful minty flavor to send your senses to its highest level of excitement and fun. This light, wholesome herbal incense is something that both veteran and newbie herbal incense blends collectors are going to love—and that’s 100% guaranteed!

El Lobo is the product for that unique and fresh twist on incense blends with its fluffy consistent texture and pleasant, smooth and thick minty smoke to fill the air with nothing but good vibes! Share it with peers, brother! Perhaps, happiness is better shared than not, don’t you think? This product although light is never to be underestimated! Perhaps, it may deserve some serious attention and respect. Don’t take our word for it though; we know you are itching to try and find out yourself.

This new herbal incense blend comes with a deceptive, lingering mint flavor that will awaken even your deepest self. So, are you ready to take on the challenge of El Lobo ?

Remember: We do not condone nor promote any misuse of our products. This item is only for incense and not for inhaling or smoking purposes. Keep products like this out of pets and children’s reach for safety.

If you have a question about this incense, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Strength: 3/5


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