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DPT (N-DIPROPYLTRYPTAMINE) is a research chemical that is only available for research purposes. It is structurally similar to serotonin, and has been shown to produce psychedelic effects in humans. DPT is usually taken orally,the effects of DPT are typically felt within 15-30 minutes and can last for several hours. DPT is a potent psychedelic and can produce powerful visual and auditory hallucinations. If you are interested in exploring the research around DPT, it is important to work with a qualified research team.

Safety precautions for using DPT (N-DIPROPYLTRYPTAMINE) in research labs

N-DIPROPYLTRYPTAMINE (DPT) is a tryptamine molecule that occurs naturally in some plants and animals. It is also a member of a group of compounds known as “legal highs” (substances that produce similar effects to illegal drugs but are not covered by drug laws). DPT has been used in research studies to investigate the effects of tryptamines on human physiology and behaviour. However, safety concerns must be considered when using this compound in research laboratories. Express Highs only sells this product for research purposes, and the customer must research local laws to make sure it is legal in their jurisdiction.

DPT is a potent molecule and can produce powerful effects at high doses. It is therefore important to use appropriate safety precautions when handling this compound. All researchers and laboratory staff should be trained in the proper procedures for handling and storing DPT. In addition, all equipment and surfaces that come into contact with DPT should be cleaned properly to avoid contamination. Finally, the use of personal protective equipment (such as gloves and face masks) is recommended when working with this compound. By following these safety guidelines, researchers can minimise the risks associated with using DPT in their studies.


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