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Just like the Doves Original and Red, Doves Ultra is a class of its own. It is as good as the other two, but it must not be taken lightly. People who would try party pills the first time should test their tolerance first before anything else to have a great experience.

The party pills are unlike no other when it comes to quality and efficiency. There is no doubt that those who want a happy and energetic mood. Keep dancing to the tune of the music and stand out among the crowd with the positive mood and aura to get from the party pills.

BEWARE OF IMITATION. One of our advices to our customers is to stay away from fakes. At this day and age though, it might be hard to figure out what is real and what’s not. But buying from us, you don’t need to find real deals because we can do it for you.

Our team performs thorough checks and test from the packaging to the content and to the quality of the legal highs. We carefully test each legal high to test which among them should be included on our display and not.

Using this method, we can be certain that only the finest legal highs are for sale in our store. It is also done to improve customer satisfaction, ensuring you’re getting only reliable and great party pills like the Doves Ultra.

Choosing Express Highs, you can also qualify for free shipping. If your order is at least 60 EURO (or similar in another currency), the shipping is on us. So if you would like to save money and avail of the promo, make sure to order at least this amount.

This product is made of only natural ingredients. It is a combination of special and natural ingredients, which are guaranteed safe and legal. Chemists who formulated the party pills have only combined the finest natural ingredients. They didn’t use any banned substances or chemicals in the Doves Ultra.

NOTES: The party pills are NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. We shall not be held liable for any damage or harmful consequences arising from this product’s misuse. Do not store it in a moist and humid place. You should also keep it out of pet or children’s reach. Check your custom laws before ordering.

For quality and affordable legal highs, choose only Express Highs. With us, you’re with the trusted source of topnotch and effective herbal highs.

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