Diablo Herbal Incense 3g


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Diablo herbal incense will deceive you, traitor you and threaten you of its underworld and intense effects every incense collector has been crazy for. This product is not of this world, but from the underworld to make you feel like the world is really about to end—the world of boredom!

Herbal incense connoisseurs have long been waiting for a blend this strong yet so suave! It is a special blend that most people have requested makers to come up with and so it is here! According to its description, this item originated from the story of Diablo, featuring the warrior ‘Tyrael,’ who chose to fight the demons of the dark world, making him the ultimate warrior of harmony, peace and justice!

This blend is to commemorate heroism and valor of this warrior that fought against the world of darkness, delusions and sorcery! Diablo’s light cherry scent was designed and created to mimic and possess the characteristics of the hero Tyrael, so it is made with only the finest calming and soothing herbs. Its potency will help you forget about any thoughts of anger and fury but will make you feel confident, humble and gentle, someone with better life perspective!

This product is not for human consumption. We do not condone its misuse, and any consequences arising from such is your sole responsibility. Use it with caution and only in an incense burner. This product is for sale only for people over 18. Check out existing laws in your country or state before placing an order.

If you have a question about this incense, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Strength: 4.5/5


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