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Charge Extreme 1g legal highs are for you if you’re looking for extreme pleasure and relaxation! A few of the benefits instore by using Charge Extreme is concentration improvement, muscle relaxation and skin moisturization. Experienced bathers have already reported of the amazing benefits that they can get using the bath salts.

Even new bie bathers can experience these advantages for themselves. A few other benefits in store for using bath salts include body detoxification, helping you refresh and relax naturally. It will also help getting rid of dead skin cells to let new skin cells surface for that glowing, youthful appearance.

However, we advise our customers to start with a low dose of the legal highs before eventually upping it to gauge its effects first. If you want to achieve improved energy and concentration, buy legal highs from us! Express Highs is the leading online source for top quality bath salt blends that offer users with the finest results that they ‘relooking to achieve.

Bath salt lovers can save money by getting their supplies from us! We also offer our bath salts at affordable prices that customers cannot buy from our competitors, especially for those who are buying in bulk. They can avail of wholesale prices from Express Highs.

Remember: It is NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. You should also keep it out of children’s reach for their safety. If you didn’t empty the package with first use, be sure to reseal before putting in a cool, dry and high place. Do not keep it in high temperature areas to prevent affecting its quality. Do not misuse the product. We do not assume any responsibility from their misuse resulting to injury or damage. Use as per on the label. The product is strictly for research chemicals and industrial purposes.

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