CBD Oil 3.0%



CBD Oil 3.0%

Please note: This product only contains CBD and does not produce any effects. If you are looking for c-liquids or liquid herbal incense, please browse the corresponding category of our store.

The CBD Oil 3.0 Sensi Seeds is made of high quality and organic cannabidiol old extract at 3% concentration. The CBD oil is diluted in hemp oil for better results. Each package also comes with a dropper for accurate dosage and use. It also makes the CBD oil available wherever, whenever needed.

This CBD Oil 3.0 Sensi Seeds is also environmentally friendly. It is also made of high quality and organically grown hemp plant growing within the EU. The hemp plant used in the manufacture of this CBD oil has no herbicides or pesticides. Buying the CBD Oil 3.0 Sensi Seeds, you can have peace of mind that it is safe yet high in quality.

Usage: You can use the dropper to put your desired amount of the CBD oil legal highs under your tongue. This CBD oil can also be added to your favorite dishes, but the limit is only up to three times daily. Sensi Seeds CBD oil dosage range is between .5 ml to 15 drops.

You can also use and fill capsules with the CBD oil. It is another convenient way of using CBD oil. It applies especially for users who cannot deal with the taste of the CBD oil. However, take note that this oil isn’t suitable for vaporizers.


Sensi Seeds CBD oil is a nutritional supplement, but its medicinal effects are not guaranteed. It should not also be used in treating illnesses. You should seek advice from your medical practitioner for proper diagnosis and treatment of a specific disease.


Express Highs don’t send herbals and fresh products to countries where such products are not permitted. There are shipping restrictions that apply. You should check the legal status of CBD and related products in your country before adding them to cart. Please refer to your country laws for your safety.

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