CBD Hash Kerala Gold 22% SHC


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The CBD Hash Kerala Gold 22% SHC is a new product in our store that has also proven to be one of the most promising CBDs for many avid fans and enthusiasts.

This packaging of this product is notable for its dominant brown color. The SHC CBD also has the small jar containing the hash in the center. For its illustration, it has two elephants on each side. The simple and minimal product design is appealing and catchy because it is not too elaborative but of just the right touches of a few colors. Its package has a screw cap and the package contains one gram of the product.

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This product is made of a CBD concentration of 22%. It is one of the Solid Hemp Collectible CBDs that is made from extraction of industrial hemp certified to be rich in cannabidiol, hemp’s non-psychoactive component that does not lead to the stoner’s high. This product contains less than 0.2% of THC, which is another component of the herb. This low THC content is also approved by the law.

The CBD Hash Kerala Gold 22% SHC has the Kerala Gold terpenes. This product has an excellent texture, which is not rubbery or earthy.

The Kerala Gold is notable for its cubed form. This product is legal in countries where CBD is allowed. However, you must check your local and state laws and customs regulations to avoid any problem in the ordering and shipping process.

Remember that this product is only for decorative purposes. Do not misuse it. Our store shall not be held liable for any injuries, accidents or harm arising from your misuse of this CBD product. It is your sole responsibility. We advise that you check and follow what’s on the label. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION

You should not use this product if you’re lactating or pregnant. The same applies if you have a medical condition.

Store the CBD Hash Kerala Gold 22% SHC in a dry and cool place to keep its quality and freshness. You should also keep it out of children or pet’s reach.

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If you want to make sure that you’re buying pure and quality CBD Hash Kerala Gold 22% SHC, buy yours only from our store. We offer the non-GMO and no pesticide CBD products, ensuring they’re organic and natural. So if you’re looking to get the most of this CBD product, get it only from us for competitive prices and quick delivery.



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