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Please note: This product only contains CBD and does not produce any effects. If you are looking for c-liquids or liquid herbal incense, please browse the corresponding category of our store.

Sensi Seeds E-Liquids is one of our latest offerings in our store. This product is a unique combination of CBD, which is guaranteed to satisfy those looking for extreme effects and satisfaction.

We’re proud to add this product in our wide selection of CBD derived products. The Sensi Seeds E-Liquids are highly anticipated and exciting. Our customers have requested for it, so now it is here!

This product is made of quality and organically grown hemp. This product has been engineered using the same standards or specifications applied by Sensi Seeds when designing a new cannabis strain.

The Sensi Seeds E-Liquids is becoming one of the most in demand products in our selection. It is popular because of the increasing demand for VAPE pens and e-cigarette technology.

This product is one of the most convenient and healthiest ways of consuming cannabinoid. Consuming e liquids is healthier than smoking.

Our team only gets our supply from the maker themselves. The manufacturer has the standards in local sourcing, processing and producing their products.

That said we could pass the quality we’re getting from them to our customers. Sensi Seeds has top quality standards.

For example, they do precisely trace every CBD batch from hemp, while also trying to minimize every product’s carbon footprint.

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