Caution Yellow Herbal Incense 4g


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CAUTION! Just as the name of this herbal incense suggests, Caution Yellow is to be taken seriously, so begin carefully—a strong warning for everyone attempting to use it for the first time. It comes with a potent, pure aroma that energizes and uplifts your mood to do more out of life.

It is an in demand herbal potpourri for newbie and veteran collectors due to its citrusy, strong scent that lingers even after use.

Who says the end of a day is the end of yours? Well, not really. You can perk up anytime. Let the citrus lemon scent of this product refresh your mind and energize your body. If you have been tired the whole day at work and you want to feel calm and relaxed, this incense blend may be for you.

Being a strong herbal potpourri, people are advised to respect its potency and so starting low may be the best option. Effects start kicking within minutes and linger even after use. To name a few, people report of increased energy, better mood and calm mind after burning it. No side effects were reported as of this writing; no wonder because the item is designed and made only with pure, potent and real herbs for aromatherapy.

If you want to save more and stock on Caution Yellow, you can get huge discounts for bulk orders, something appropriate for resellers, too. It is for use in herbal incense burners and definitely not intended for human consumption. Any misuse of this incense blend is the buyer’s sole responsibility. Finally, check out current regulations in your country before placing your order for Caution Yellow.

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