Bonzai DNS Herbal Incense 3g


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Bonzai DNS is one of the top-sellers in our store, mainly due to its reported potency and purity that our customers love! It is made of only top quality ingredients without any fillers or extenders but only choice herbs, scents and flavors and is chosen for its money-saving benefits, as only a little of it can go a long, long way. When you order from our store, you can be sure of this product’s strength and pleasant effect, along with its thick and smooth smoke.

If you’re a newbie collector, however, use it with caution and care because Bonzai DNS is one of the strongest herbal blends we sell in our store. Start low and small and do not re-dose unless you are sure of how your body reacts to its potent effects. Once you’ve found out the right amount to burn in your incense burner for aromatherapy, only then you should attempt of adding some more of Bonzai DNS.

This incense blend is used for aromatherapy by people who want to boost their confidence and feel relaxed after a hard day or week of work and pressure. They can add just a little of it in their burner and start smelling its relaxing aroma, which mood-lifting effects can last a couple of hours. And because you will feel happier, with an improved mood and higher energy level, you can start seeing your life in a different perspective and your stress will be greatly reduced.

When you order Bonzai DNS in our store, you can be certain of getting only the finest blends because we only sell tested products on this website, all to guarantee your ultimate satisfaction. All products, including Bonzai DNS are 100% natural and organic. Bonus: You can also get the best deals for ordering bulk incense blends from us.



Strength: 5/5


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