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Express Highs is proud and happy to offer the Blueberry Jelly Hash CBD 1G because it is a natural and organic CBD product derived from industrial hemps, which do not produce any psychoactive effects. It has the pleasant blueberry aroma that can cause instant explosion of your senses.

The product contains 22 percent CBD with blueberry flavor. CBD Jelly 22% Blueberry is composed of 1 gram of CBD extract and contains <0.2% THC. It has no pesticide.

The product is designed and made to possess the highest quality because it has been subjected to tough testing and quality control process. The Blueberry Jelly Hash CBD 1G contains only pure and potent CBD, which is known for its many pleasant effects without the high associated with products containing high THC.

Blueberry Jelly Hash CBD 1G Information

This CBD hash is made from the resin of a cannabis plant. This resin is composed of essential oils that can be terpenes, flavonoids and so on of the plant that has the trichomes. Once processed, the powder-like substances are then pressed to form solid bricks.

CBD hash is derived from hemp plants that contain little to no THC, the cannabis compound that causes the high. It is a legal product coming from industrial hemp grown under license. It is also cultivated under the Industrial Hemp Farming Act 2015.

This herbal high is legal and sold in many countries. It contains only organic materials and no harmful substances. The Blueberry Jelly Hash CBD 1G contains no GMO, too.

Why Buy at Express Highs

The Blueberry Jelly Hash CBD 1G that contains no GMO is for sale at Express Highs, a trusted and reliable legal highs shop online. We’ve been around for more than three years with over 100 positive reviews online.

Express Highs sells only high quality and potent herbal highs sourced only from the manufacturers themselves. We test each product before adding it to our growing collection of CBD products and legal highs. Our store also offers our products at competitive prices. We also offer a wide variety of incenses, bath salts and other herbal highs.

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