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The content of bath salts varies for the range of products designed and manufactured for the overall stimulation that lasts up to four hours. Bath salts raise concentration and the state of vigilance providing more hours of productive work or physical activity. Some performances may exceed the estimated time and they may last longer.

Blue Stuff 1g is the highly competitive product in compare to many similar products that have not assessed as the positive stimulation ingredients. The active substances are scientifically examined in the laboratory, precisely measured, and approved for the legal use in the form of the bath salt that is not recommended for human consumption. Blue Stuff 1g owes its name to the blue color of implemented crystals while the combination of ingredients has balanced to improve the well-feeling.

The bath salts ingredients of Blue Stuff 1g are combined by educated chemists respectively, and according to prescribed quantities. One reaches the best effects of the product by paying attention to the instruction for the proper use. The Blue Stuff 1g shows the distinguished safety profile in compare to similar bath salts in the market. It has been categorized as the top quality product intended for the strong and long-lasting potential, providing the higher level of concentration and energy that lasts for hours.

Not for human consumption


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