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Bliss Ultra 1g is what you need for its rejuvenating body effects. Bathers add and use it in their bath to receive more soothing effects that they might not get from using any other product. Choose Bliss Ultra from Express Highs to ensure you’re buying the real deal on legal highs like bath salts, herbal incense, party pills and liquid incense.

This product is ultra-concentrated. Only a small amount of it will go a long, long way. It is one of the reasons that Bliss Ultra is one of the fastest selling legal highs in our store. Choosing it, you might be able to save more money because you don’t need much of it to serve its purpose.

Why Express Highs? We’re one of the world’s leading Legal highs suppliers trusted by thousands of consumers globally. Our team only sources our products from the real manufacturers to ensure quality and purity. Choosing us can ensure you’re getting the most out herbal highs.

Take note though that you should keep any remaining contents in the original packaging to keep its freshness. It’s advised you keep it in a dry and cool place as well. Too much humidity and high temperatures might deform and dissolve this product.

Also, you should not letits sitting around anywhere especially if you have pets or children who might accidentally swallow it. As you may already know, children tend to play, swallow or lick anything that they can get their hand son.

For their safety, keepthe Bliss Ultra in a high cabinet that they cannot reach and access.

Legality: This product is legal across countries because it doesn’t contain harmful and banned substances. It does not also contain any synthetic ingredients that can harm health.

But still Express Highs recommend checking your country laws and custom laws before buying Bliss Ultra. We shall not be held liable for any trouble you might have with the laws for violating them. Be guided accordingly.

Bliss Ultra and other bath salts at Express Highs are quality-tested before being put up for sale in our store. They’re pure and without any fillers, GMO’s and extenders. Each package is shipped in a discreet packaging and delivered to your doorsteps fast.

If you don’t receive your order within four working days, email us with the details of your order. You can also track your order’s status on the member portal.

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