Black Widow Herbal Incense 3g


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In need of hyping things up? Black Widow is the answer!

This thing is explosive! It packs a complex herbal blend infused with a strong scent that will linger in the air for a couple of hours. Perfect for shutting the brain from the busy and monotonous world, just a sprinkle of this can turn a bad day into a good one. The crisp scent will relax your nostrils on their way to waking up specific parts of your mind that may have long remained dormant. But the good news is, when they wake up, they’ll be ready for quite a vacation!

Don’t believe the hype? Give Black Widow a try yourself!

  • Jam-packed with a powerful combination of ingredients
  • Made without fillers and extenders
  • Fresh, high quality, and potent

WARNING: Should be used for incense purposes ONLY.

NOT for human consumption.


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