Bizarro Herbal Incense 10g


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Let Bizarro Herbal Incense save your day, with its delicate and rich blend of the best ingredients there can possibly be. You will keep on coming back for more once you have experienced its totally unique, pungent scent, which comes quickly and lasts long. This new generation herbal incense blend is one of the fast-rising ones in terms of popularity, as it causes such chain reaction of happiness and well-being all at the same time. Definitely, this product is one of those that make huge noise online, especially on social media. You can find users raving and posting their photos and videos of using Bizarro 10g.

Why not? This product, if not the best, is one of the finest of all that they have ever tried. It is often called super incense because the makers have made sure that this will be a power blend that will not leave anyone hanging waiting for the effects to set in. In fact, an uplifting of mood and an increased sense of happiness can be immediately felt only in after about a minute or two. But because this is a strong mixture, we advise our customers to treat it with respect and it is a no-brainer anyone using it the first time should start with small dose.

Put only a little of it in your incense burner and observe how your body will react to its potent aroma. Nevertheless, you should be extra careful.

This product is strictly not for human consumption.



Strength: 5/5


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