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Armageddon is favored by the thousands of incense collectors worldwide, and no doubt, as it comes with the strongest aroma that they can always rely on to perk up their mood and brighten up their day. For most of them, they appreciate the rich aroma coming out of this herbal incense when they started burning it in their incense burners. And because Armageddon is pungent and strong, they never need to use a lot of it but only a little. Therefore, they can save money for buying this natural variant, which they say can go a long, long way.

This product is a combination of the finest ingredients, including Blue Lotus extract, Damiana, NZ Liverwort, Pukatea, Verbascum Thapsus and Red Clover, along with colors and fragrances all users love! When you started burning it, you will feel an invigoration in your senses, making you feel as if you are taken into another world—except that it’s pure of excitement and fun. However, this product should be taken seriously and extreme caution because it is so potent and strong that it should be tested by newbie users to see and observe how they feel and how their body reacts to its effects.

And because this is an authentic product, made of only the finest herbs and spices, every user will appreciate how it brings something new into their lives and make them feel more confident than they really were. So if you want to see life in a different perspective and experience a boost in your morale, you can use Armageddon that can help you achieve this purpose.

Our store sells the purest and most potent Armageddon because we only source from legitimate suppliers and farmers to ensure and guarantee our product’s potency. However, any products we sell, including Armageddon, is not meant for human consumption but only for aromatherapy alone.



Strength: 5/5


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