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After is another top quality product from the fine folks at NatureXience. These party pills are the last in the new range and an incredibly potent option. We recommend only experienced users try After and see what happens after they take it. The effects come in fast and hard and last for hours to come. Make sure you have plans in place before taking these party pills. After offers an energetic buzz and an incredibly euphoric feeling mixed with an extreme rush. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

NX broke the mold when they created After. This is definitely one of the most potent and most persistent products in our range of buy party pills. The effects take around an hour to kick in after you take your hit of After. From there, the effects kick in hard and feel just like the real thing. You’ll get an intense buzz and all the energy you need to make it through even the most intense party. Some people report it kept them going for up to twelve hours. NX promise at least eight hours of buzz, so keep this in mind when trying After for yourself.

After is the kind of party pill we could never recommend to beginners. Only experienced users should sample this one. Please let us know what you think of After if you try it as we’d love to hear about your experiences.

These party pills are made from a combination of active chalk, methylcellulose, concentrated nitrite acid, active ion complex, dicalcium phosphate, polyvinylpyrrolidone, and stabilizers. We have all the After you need ready to ship straight from our EU warehouses.

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