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IUPAC name: Quinoline-8-yl-(5-f-pentyl)-h-indole-3-carboxylate

CAS number: 1400742-41-7

Purity: min 98.5%

Appearance: White to off-white powder

Also referred as 5-QUPIC i.e. Quinolin-8-pentyfluoro-1H-indole-3-8-carboxylate, 5F- PB- 22 is a designer chemical substance that serves as cannabinoid agonist. Basically, the structure of this substance was designed basing on structure- activity relationships in the cannabinoids indole class. This write- up will give you vital information that will enable you improve your understanding of this chemical substance.

This substance is considered a synthetic indole cannabinoid due to the fact that it has got a core indole structure that is substituted. Generally, the indole core is also shared with PB-22 which is another form of cannabinoid substance. 5F-PB-22 is simply an ether and its formula is R-O-R’. Scientists claim that this substance has got two sub-units joined together via an oxygen bridge.

The indole class of 5F-PB-22 is usually substituted with fluoropentyl chain at R5. This substitution is also shared often with 5F-AKB48. The indole core also can as well be substituted with carboxylic at R3. This carboxylic acid’s terminal oxygen is normally bonded at location R3 via an ether bond to quinolone group.

Despite the fact that this substance is yet to be studied formally, based on the analysis of its structure, it’s presumed that it has got a binding profile which is similar to that of the other cannabinoids.

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